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Alcohol is a class of organic compounds with the general formula R-OH, where R is analkyl group made up of carbon and hydrogen and -OH is one or more hydroxyl groups,each made up of one atom of oxygen and one of hydrogen.

Generally, with fireworks, theterm is applied to ethyl alcohol [C2H5OH].

Alkali Metals are elements in group Ia of the Periodic Table.

In order of increasingatomic number, they are Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, Caesium, and Francium. Alkalies are soluble in water and form strongly basicsolutions. Strong alkalies (e.g., those ofsodium or potassium) are called caustic alkalies.

They are softer than other metals, and have lower melting points and densities. Alkaline-Earth Metals are elements in group IIa of the Periodic Table.

Without these forces, solids and liquidswould act as gases.The oxyacetylene torch mixes and burns oxygenand acetylene to produce a very hot flame-as high as 3480ÝC (6300ÝF)-that can cutsteel and weld iron and other metals.Produced by the action of wateron calcium carbideand catalytically from naphtha.When an acid or base dissolves in water,a certain percentage of the acid or base particles will break up, or dissociate, intooppositely charged ions.The Arrhenius theory of acids and bases defines an acid as acompound that can dissociate in water to yield hydrogen ions (H ) and a base as acompound that can dissociate in water to yield hydroxyl ions (OH-).

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