Dating choices are slim

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Burstein chanced upon his life's work one summer, as a musician for a charity that offered health education.

The wide dating experience it enabled made it obvious to me that I was attracted to the same personality traits that had drawn me into an unhappy, now-terminated, 20-plus year marriage.

For example, having come of age around the same time as Brooks, he and I presumably had access to the same panoply of 1970s and 1980s mate-finding tools: bars, beaches, work, school and introductions through family and friends. The proof of this is the tremendous number of marriages originating online.

On that statistically “slim pickings” number of opportunities — akin to what the surviving members of an endangered species have — we based our most important decision: selecting a mate. In 20 years or so, when we can study the durability of these relationships, maybe we’ll find out that these marriages, compared with those of the less recent past, happen to be more enduring.

But Burstein (who was also an actor by trade before striking gold with Slim Goodbody) is still making a living as a creator of educational programming. While Slim Goodbody's Afro is gone (and for a time even became a mullet), Slim still wears his signature suit, with some upgrades.

But the suit is no DIY project — according to a Today article, each custom-designed body stocking costs a whopping ,000.

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