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This piece is the only one so far discovered and is clearly marked "THOMAS READ MAKERS" and "IMPROVED COAXER" on the concave button.

Thomas Read was a very important Irish cutler and corkscrew maker, in the late 18th century.

There are very few examples of these early bronze Thomasons as featured in existence today.

This may well point to the corkscrew being of an early type.

Edward Thomasons patent of 1802 according to his memoirs helped make his name.

The Thomason corkscrew made him known as an inventor and it was a means of introducing other articles made in Thomason's manufacturory to his clients.

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EDWARD THOMASONS 1802 PATENT CORKSCREW Using Edward Thomasons Patent application drawings can help us determine which Thomason type corkscrews were made first. Looking carefully at the line drawings we can see particular features of an open-frame corkscrew. The shape of the handle and the fact it has tight turnings. The side pillars and top of the frame are of similar proportions to the drawing.This piece has an early plain handle with tightly turned rings. Again we see a concave button at the bottom of the barrel. When we compare the drawing to the image of the early bronze Thomason (Thomason I, open frame according to Wallis, British Corkscrew Patents from 1795) we can see immediately that all four of the above mentioned features, match up with the actual corkscrew in the above image.These corkscrews are easy to operate, turning the handle simply inserts the worm into the cork. The shape and proportions of the pillars and corkscrew frame. The handle has tightly turned rings plus a similar shape to the handle in the drawing.These are two questions that are not easy to answer.Several well known books based around corkscrews have touched on this subject, in my opinion the best of which is "Corkscrews of the Eighteenth Century-Artistry in Iron and Steel" by Bertrand B. In this short article I intend to try and shed some light on this topic using, reason, elimination and some opinion.

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