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This became a problem for Harland because of the thought of the "Runaway Snowball Paradox" (a kind of Snowball effect) that, once the earth enters the route of becoming a snowball earth, it would never be able to leave that state.

However, in 1992 Joe Kirschvink brought up a solution to the paradox.

Here's a look at which elements are nonmetals, how to locate the nonmetals on the table, and their common properties.

The nonmetals are located on the upper right side of the periodic table.

"The Great Infra-Cambrian Ice Age" has been claimed to be the host of such a world, and in 1964, the scientist W.

Brian Harland brought forth his discovery of indications of glaciers in low latitudes (Harland and Rudwick).

Unlike a greenhouse earth, an icehouse earth has ice sheets present, and these sheets wax and wane throughout times known as glacial periods and interglacial periods.

The specific problem is: what the differences are, if any, between the meaning of the terms "Icehouse Earth", "Ice Age", and "Glacial Period".The exception is hydrogen, which behaves as a nonmetal at room temperature and pressure and is found on the upper left corner of the periodic table.Under conditions of high pressure, hydrogen is predicted to behave as an alkali metal.An example of this is the collision between the Indian subcontinent and the Asian continent, which created the Himalayan Mountains about 50 million years ago.Within icehouse states, there are "glacial" and "interglacial" periods that cause ice sheets to build up or retreat.

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