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Hi Jeff twelve years was a good run my wife got fed up of macs after only two years I separated now most women would say is it me or the mac do you want or complain they are hot and sweaty think you have been lucky Jeff Hello G, I confessed my liking for plastic macs to my wife early in our courtship and she had no problem with it.After about 12 years of marriage she became less tolerant. My wife and I stayed in Alnwick for a couple of days and did the touristy things such as Holy Island, Bamburgh Castle, Alnwick Castle and visited a couple of places along the coast like Alnmouth and Warkworth.And then there was the late, great C & A, with their wonderful ranges at such reasonable prices.I bought my Adrina nylon mac from there, one of my most prized items.The Lake District was always goood for plastic macs. Hi Jeff good to hear from you I have had a thing for macs since infant school a teacher came to school in a transparent one and I have been hooked ever since it takes a exceptional understanding women to accept it and they are very rare you are lucky Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply.Your wife's plastic mac sounds nice; may I ask what colour it is ?I accept that women are unable to understand how strong the attraction to macs can be.However, I had this fascination from a very early age and it has never left me. Hi Jeff yes my wifes plastic mac is basically transparent but it doesn't look completely see through when its on so I think semi see through is a really good way of saying it thank you. We are the same as you really we like them because it is easy to fold them up and just carry them and put them on when it starts to rain.

It is a shame you cant buy them in the shops like you used to but perhaps you can still buy them in wales.

But the stories really do reflect such feelings about Pakamac rainwear, especially a poor lads coming to terms with such a thing, as well as the tragedy that enfolds.

I just went to the web address given and having provided a contact email was sent the whole book of the first series, in audio form, MP3s, an excellent work, and there is nothing suspiciouse about it at all.

MY wife never really liked plastic macs but tolerated them for my sake.

Like most women, I suppose she feels comfortable wearing what other women are also wearing, not wanting to be classed as "odd". Hello G, I certainly consider myself extremely lucky that my wife tolerated macs for about 15 years or more, As you say, I did get accused of liking macs more than her.

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