Gender politics dating

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Within both party coalitions, women are more likely than men to say significant obstacles to women’s progress still remain.

Among Democrats, 79% of women say women still face significant obstacles, compared with 65% of men.

Among Republicans, a large majority of men (70%) say obstacles once faced by women are now largely gone.

A smaller majority of Republican women (53%) share this view.

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Views are more closely divided among those with some college experience and those with no more than a high school diploma.

There is a wide partisan gap in views of whether or not women continue to face greater challenges than men. 25%), more Democrats and Democratic leaners say women continue to face significant obstacles that make it harder for them to get ahead than men.

Republicans and Republican leaners take the opposite view: 63% say the obstacles that once made it harder for women to get ahead are now largely gone; fewer (34%) say significant obstacles still remain.

In views of challenges facing women, a majority of Americans say women continue to confront obstacles that make it more difficult for them to get ahead than men.

Opinions about the obstacles facing women are divided along gender lines, but the partisan gap is wider than the gender gap.

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