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The archives of the Fraternity constitute detailed information about the history of the Orthodox Church from 1378, about the introduction of unions and the Gregorian calendar as well as its polemic struggle, about the relations between the Orthodox and the Arians and the Lithuania and Poland Protestants in the battle against the encroachment of Catholicism. The most important of them is the fund of the Galician vicegerency (f. 161), Galician Financial Prosecuting Magistracy (f. A massive amount of information about the social-political processes and national-liberation and revolutionary movements from the end of XVIII to the beginning of XX century can be found in the documents of the resources judicial institutes: Szlachta Court in Lviv (f. 353), in the stanitsas of interned armies of the UNR in Lancut (f. 673), as well as in the personal funds of state, political and army workers of Ukraine.

There are numerous old documents of church history in the funds of institutions of different religious confessions: consistories, ordinariates, chapters, monasteries, and spiritual educational institutions. 146) which contains over 200 thousand files of 1772-1921. Valuable supplements to these are cadastral maps and property inventory documents from the population settlements of the Regional Land Tax Comission (f. In the funds of the agriculture-economic and financial institutions, such as the State Account (f. A large amount of information is documented in numerous funds of cultural-educational institutions, organizations, and associations of various historical periods: the Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society (f.

Named in honor of the Leo, the eldest son of Daniel, King of Ruthenia, it was the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia (also called Kingdom of Rus') from 1272 to 1349, when it was conquered by King Casimir III the Great who then became known as the King of Poland and Rus'.Several people may also be trying to buy the same travel option simultaneously.As a result, you may find, on occasion, that certain prices are no longer available.At the beginning of the 1960s, initiated by academic I.Krypjakevych, the archives became the basis of research for specialized historical disciplines; in them there were created departments of archival study - archeographics, archaeology, diplomacy, paleography, filigreeology, heraldry and sphragistics.

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