Multiple users updating one excel spreadsheet

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If you click the Get a Link option, you can create one share link for viewing the workbook and a separate link that allows people to edit the workbook.An important benefit of using Excel Online is that changes are saved automatically.To share the workbook, click the File tab, select Share and then click Invite People.Enter the person's email address in the Invite People field.You can share the notebook in One Drive, just like Excel, Word, and Power Point documents, but you can also share the notebook in One Note 2010 or later.

If you make your workbook available for others to edit, your friends can work on the workbook at the same time as you. This works well for workbooks where you are collecting information from a group of people, such as a list of information or a group project. While you are editing the workbook, Excel Online shows you where others are also working on the workbook.

Click the Permissions menu on the right and select Can Edit or Can View.

You can change these permissions at any time by right-clicking that person's name in this Share window.

To send a link, click Share at the top of the Office Online program window, either while you’re viewing: Or editing your document: When your friends click the link you send, the document opens in their browser.

To edit, they click the command for editing in the Office Online program (If you send an email link, they’ll need to sign in first).

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