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That means developers need to make room in their buildings for multiple shafts, for express and local elevators, and for 'sky lobbies' where people can switch between them.A new elevator system uses electric linear induction motors – the same kind of contactless energy transfer that powers magnetic levitation trains– instead of cables to move elevator cars around.Each of the cabins will be self-propelled using a multi-level brake system.They will transfer power from the shaft to the cabin using a magnetised coil running along the shaft But people still don't really live in skyscrapers the way futurists had envisioned, for one reason: Elevators go only up and down.Instead, they might go sideways to the next tower over, or to the bridge between them, for a swim, a trip to the doctor or the grocery store.This research project, set to conclude in September 2018, will explore as many of the practical implications of ropeless elevator travel as possible.

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Today there is a 1,000-meter (167-story) building under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The 246-meter (807-feet) tall tower was designed for the company's research, and has 12 shafts that can test elevator speeds of up to 18 meters per second (40.26 mph)At the moment, these systems are far more expensive than the conventional alternatives.

Building owners won't use them until they can save – or earn – lots more money by building systems like this.

One aspect is a look at how buildings might work in a world of ropeless elevators.

We imagine that people might live, say, on the 50th floor of a tall building and only rarely have to go all the way down to street level.

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