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First, though, let’s look at the pedigree of the word cousin itself.

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Answers: -1- Lyra and Charlie are second cousins once removed. And if you’re wondering where twice removed comes in, then imagine the relationship between Alice’s future daughter, Lyra, and her cousin Hermione.They are still first cousins but separated by two generations, and are therefore first cousins twice removed.We accord our parents’ siblings and our siblings’ children special status (uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces) but beyond that we rely on a single catch-all term which is mysteriously ambiguous when it comes to age, sex, degree, or side of the family: cousin. Old English (spoken in England until about 1150) had several phrases to describe first cousin relationships more precisely, among them fæderan sunu for father’s brother’s son, and mōdrigan sunu for mother’s sister’s son. According to the cousins: the children of their parents’ brothers and sisters.Many, however, are hazy about any further familial connections, and a quick online search shows that people are often confused over kinship terms.

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