When did miranda lambert and blake shelton start dating

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But even she knows that, it doesn’t sting any less.”“This is not the future we envisioned.

And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately.

It’s sad, but maybe they just took on too much, too soon.” On February 17, Life & Style reported that Lambert and her musician boyfriend Anderson East — after two months of dating — are looking to get married.

East told CMT affiliate 92.3 WCOL that he met Lambert when she ended up at one of his concerts and a friend of his introduced them.

Magazine stated that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were calling it quits after Shelton’s ex, Miranda Lambert, 32, sent “a series of mean texts” to Stefani.

Lambert’s messages allegedly came after she was informed by some music business friends about some unkind things Stefani said about her.

Shelton and Stefani began dating just a few months after divorcing Lambert. Magazine reported that Lambert “allegedly sent Gwen a series of mean texts, and Blake’s response to the incident was shocking.” Lambert reportedly “began texting Gwen incessantly with some harsh threats from an unknown!

” She then allegedly threatened physical harm on Stefani — whom she called a “home wrecker” and stated that her career was “over”: “Lucky I don’t find you and kick your ass” Meanwhile, a Lambert source told In Touch magazine that Lambert has a difficult time resisting the urge to express how she feels about Stefani. If Gwen were to set her off somehow, then the gloves would definitely come off.” When the messages came through to Stefani, Shelton apparently wanted Stefani to “calm down.” Shelton’s response wasn’t something that Stefani — pictured above styling on her Twitter page — was a fan of.

The Internet has been startled to hear that comedian Jon Lovitz, 58, and model Jessica Lowndes, 27, say they're engaged.Gwen decided that if Blake wouldn’t stand up for her and tell Miranda off, she didn’t want to be with him.” Shelton allegedly felt that Stefani was blowing the supposed situation out of proportion, causing him to witness a side of her that he hasn’t seen.“[Blake] thinks Gwen made a mountain out of a molehill, and the whole situation made him see another side of her he didn’t know was there."It can't be true, because there's no way Blake could ever score a girl like that."Fans were devastated in July when they learned that Shelton had split from his wife of four years, fellow country star Miranda Lambert.The pair had long been the reigning super couple of country music.

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